Bunscha Park sp. z o.o. (LTD) was created in order to realize the development investment of new complex of residential buildings in relation to Karola Bunscha street in Cracow.

The main shareholder of Bunscha Park sp. z o.o. is company WB FINANCE s. r. o.

Activity of company WB FINANCE s.r.o. is focused on three business areas:

  1. Capital markets investment,
  2. Real estate development financing,
  3. Realisation of own development projects by dedicated companies

RIn a parallel to “Bunscha Park” project, company WB FINANCE s.r.o. by use of related companies, realizes currently in Poland i.e.

  • Office building in Balice in close relation to Cracow airport;
  • Boutique hotel in Cracow on Saint Filip street;
  • Conferential hotel in Warsaw on Świerszcza street;


Boutique hotel on Świętego Filipa street in Cracow

Conferential Hotel on Świerszcza street in Warsaw

Direct cooperation with world largest financial institutions makes WB FINANCE s.r.o. a reliable business partner.

Custommers satisfaction is the most important for WB FINANCE s.r.o. and all the priorities are focused on this goal.

The strategic partner of WB FINANCE s.r.o. in realisation of estate projects in Poland is very experienced in investment team of specialists from US Property sp. z. o.o  (

In building processes company uses innovative technological solutions and building materials of highest quality. Projects are created with focus on highest possible functionality of objects and comfort of its future residents.

Company offers investments based on carefully selected localizations, fitted project and unique technical and functional solutions. That is a guaranty for clients and partners of WP FINANCE that it is the best possible future investment.


Business center near Balice airport

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