General information

Cooling towers

On the terrain of Bunscha Park, there would be placed cooling towers that create natural, healing microclimate. It would be possible with use of high technology that breaks the brine drops, that causes the hydro-ionization similar to breaking sea waves. Air around cooling towers is very germfree and saturated with such minerals like: iodine, bromine, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and other microelements. 2 hours stay in such environment is an equivalent of 3 day stay at the sea site with its unique features.

Stay in a close relation to cooling towers empowers the immunological system of our body and is especially helpful in prevention and treatment of allergies, hypothyroidism, circulatory failure, hypertension and all upper respiratory diseases. It is also very helpful for people with concentration problems, often feel stressed and tired. Preventive features of aerosol produced by cooling towers helps to clean the respiratory system from all the dust we breath with polluted air.

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